A New Global Strategy to Enhance Civil Society and Safeguard Civic Rights

Innovation for Change (I4C), a network led by civil society operating across 143 global majority  countries, proudly announces the introduction of its new Global Strategy aimed at safeguarding and reinforcing fundamental civic rights. This strategy outlines the direction of the network for the next 4 years up until the end of 2028.

Since its inception in 2015, the Innovation for Change network has engaged with more than 30,000 journalists, activists, human rights defenders (HRDs), and civil society organizations (CSOs) from local, national, regional, and global civil society groups/communities. The network focuses on utilizing human-centered approaches, innovation and technology to address fundamental rights issues related to rights, and empowering communities.


2028 Global Strategy

The I4C Global Strategy 2028 tackles the increasing challenges faced by NGOs, activists, community organizations, civic tech innovators, technologists, human rights activists and lawyers, in addition to  social movements. The strategy places emphasis on three global priorities:

Envisioning a Positive Future for Civil Society involves exploring approaches to fortify space in response to significant changes in environmental, technological, economic, political, and cultural systems.

Enhancing Capacity and Resilience entails establishing a network for learning and knowledge sharing that supports innovation, ensures access to resources, and provides protection and assistance to emerging activists. 

Fostering Trust in Civil Society involves promoting civil society narratives, bolstering the involvement of organizations, and encouraging collaboration and alliances to combat misinformation and targeted harassment. 

Innovation for Change envisions cohesive, peaceful, and equitable societies where society-led innovation creates positive impact within local communities. Our network operates as a coalition of regional, country, and local civil society organizations, with a collective mission to empower people and communities through collaborative initiatives.


How I4C Drives Transformation

Our co-creation processes through regional partnerships help us reimagine and shape civil society futures. We believe in empowering all stakeholders in decision-making, and working to bridge and connect sectors together to deliver positive change, strengthening the capacity of civil society through training and sharing resources, and innovating at the grassroots level. 

The I4C Global Strategy 2028 exemplifies a commitment to addressing the evolving challenges faced by society on a global scale. Innovation for Change (I4C) is steadfast in its readiness to engage with new partners and donors who share our vision of fostering cohesive, peaceful, and equitable societies globally. With the launch of the new Global Strategy, the I4C Network welcomes partners and donors from diverse backgrounds and sectors to join us in co-creating innovative solutions, supporting knowledge exchange, and advancing collective efforts to safeguard fundamental civic rights. Together, we can build resilient communities, promote social inclusion, and drive positive change around the world.

Having established a presence across seven regions of the global south, and with the network’s capacity to do evidence-based research, I4C is able to offer a deep and nuanced understanding of civic space.

Our tailor-made solutions, crafted by our network of ‘think and do’ groups consisting of multi-disciplinary researchers from the global south, contribute to the expansion of our global research library. These insights serve as guiding principles for our global strategies and regional programming. Our work primarily revolves around four key areas: 1) Localizing the global research agenda; 2) Promoting social innovation and inclusive design; 3) Strengthening capacities and fostering global collaboration; and 4) Harnessing the potential of civic technologies. As authoritarian regimes persist in suppressing freedoms of speech, association, and assembly, our locally-led global network is dedicated to monitoring the impacts of technology on human rights. We also assess the positive socio-economic contributions of civil society, map digital rights, combat disinformation, monitor shifts in geopolitical power, analyze the use of digital currencies in different civic settings, and explore alternative funding models for civil society organizations.


About the I4C Network

Established in 2015, Innovation for Change (I4C) is a global community-led network that champions the expansion of civic spaces by integrating civic technologies and human-centered approaches. Our seven regional hubs serve as incubators, empowering civic leaders to co-design and implement tailored social change solutions that address the unique needs of their regions and communities.