Rights Con Panel: Decolonizing Co-design: Global South Perspectives

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RightsCon 2022


To showcase stories of failure from applying codesign to social change in the Global South To share learnings gained from hands-on experiences in 7 regions across the globe south, fighting shrinking civic space and protecting basic freedoms Raising awareness around the nitty-gritty details of applying design thinking to low resource settings and online formats, in the midst of COVID-19 pandemic

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Narrative summary

Co-creation and design thinking methodology are part of the DNA of Innovation for Change (I4C) Network, a global south-led network of technologists, human rights activists, and grassroots organizations. After six years of experimenting and fine-tuning the frameworks and tools, we wish to share the failures, learnings, and nitty-gritty details of applying design thinking to the human rights field, in low resource areas, led and delivered by practitioners from the Global South. The session will be delivered as a highly interactive panel discussion, with short inputs by 5-7 different speakers, divided in 2 rounds of sharing. The list of speakers will include I4C members. The panel will follow a fishbowl discussion format, always leaving one space available for a person from the audience to join "the stage." The moderator will make sure to time-limit all inputs and enable a smooth flow across the following specific topics: - What is different in applying design thinking methodology to a low resource context? - What are some of the biggest challenges in hosting codesign processes online? - How does codesign help bring solutions for social challenges and human rights to life? The format will allow for more questions and comments from the audience, and it will offer a space for honest, radically human sharing. In addition, the session will enable access to online tools, especially the InnoMojo: Spellbook for Social Change (a toolbox of practical tips and practices). Interested participants will also get the chance to join a Codesign Community of Practice and further develop their network and skills in this field.