Almost four environmental defenders a week killed in 2017

A Guardian Exclusive: 197 people killed last year for defending land, wildlife or natural resources, new Global Witness data reveals. In recording every defender’s death, the Guardian hopes to raise awareness of the deadly struggle on the environmental frontline… Read the full article here. Some key points below:

  • Almost the same number of defenders were murdered: 197 in 2017 compared to 201 in 2016 (though this number may well increase as we receive more information about cases);
  • The Philippines suffered its most dangerous year on record for the defence of land and the environment, with 41 murders;
  • Mexico saw a spike in killings, becoming the world’s fourth most dangerous country;
  • Agribusiness overtook mining and extractives as the business sector associated with most attacks;
  • Some advances were made globally in terms of recognition and commitments by governments, companies and investors