Blockchain for Change

Blockchain for Change

How can blockchain technology improve international development?

EVENT: live-streamed at 20.00 Central European Time, on MONDAY 26 February 2018

The United Nations used blockchain to transfer cryptocurrency vouchers to over 10.000 refugees in Syria and tries to alleviate hunger by using the technology to transfer money to those most in need. What does blockchain technology do for international development cooperation and disaster relief? Discover what is already shifting in the ways of working due to blockchain. Join The Spindle team to discuss how to make our world a smarter and better one.

The Spindle with Pakhuis de Zwijger, look at possibilities for blockchain to improve international development projects.


  • Simone Vermeend – A short introduction to Blockchain for Dummies.
  • Yvo Hunink – Responsible Innovation at Energy Bazaar. He is an expert on blockchain who will guide us through what’s already happening in the world of blockchain regarding the fight against poverty. 
  • Tey el-Rjula and Khalid Maliki –  Founders of Tykn.tech. Tykn leverages blockchain technology to bring trust, privacy, and interoperability to vital records. They just partnered up with The Netherlands Red Cross to develop a system with a digital wallet that can be used to transfer money faster to those affected in a disaster area. 
  • Tobias Disse – blockchain expert at KryhaIs it easy to build a blockchain tool in practice or not so accessible as we may believe?

Sign up or watch the live stream at Pakhuis de Zwijger website.


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