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    The South Asia Hub launched its second training on innovative funding and this time in partnership with the Social Enterprise Academy. The three-day boot camp supported CSOs’ transition from donor-dependency to a social enterprise model to create sustainable social impact for their organization. Participants developed an understanding of key concepts of social enterprise, designed a social mission for their enterprise and applied graphic learning to understand the various business models social enterprises use. Participants applied useful tools to help identify income streams for their social mission and created an actionable business plan to support a social enterprise idea. The participants business models ranged from a fee-for-service, low-income client, market intermediary, market linkage models, service subsidization models and organization support models where the income-generating service is run by an external unit of the CSO and the profits are donated to the civil society organisation. After participants customized a sustainability/ business plan that matched their social mission, they crafted a presentation and pitched their plan to a panel of Social enterprise experts.


    As CSOs struggle to stay in operation in their countries, there is an increasing need to create alternative models for both sustainability and social impact for organizations.


    There were three main results:

    1. Increased awareness of social enterprise models
    2. Increased skills so that participants can start their own social enterprises.
    3. Increased confidence in participants to pursue their very own social enterprise idea or incorporate social enterprise practices in their existing organization/enterprise.

    The results from participant feedback included:

    • 100% of participants understanding of social enterprise changed
    • 93% of participants feel confident in being able to setup/run/develop your social enterprise as a result of the bootcamp
    • 93% of participants said the bootcamp started to have an impact on their organization or anticipate that it will have an impact
    • 53% of participants feel they will use their learning everyday, while 47% feel they will use their learning often
    • 87% of participants said the bootcamp improved their skills in developing a sustainability plan

    The main output from the event was that there were 18 business/sustainability plans that the South Asia Hub can invest in next year.

    Why is this Innovative?

    While similar workshops have been done in other hubs, this was the first time we’d done it in the South Asia Hub.

    Innovative nature of your project
    Established solution in a new context
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