MENA Tabadol: The MENA Sharing Economy Platform


    “The MENA developed the second generation of the Latin America and the Caribbean (LAC) I4C hub Sharing Economy Platform (ComuniDAS) for exchanging services across civil society in the region.
    The MENA Hub and in collaboration with Youth Without Borders completed a mapping and comparative analysis of existing sharing economy platforms in the region to inform the development of the platform to exchange between CSOs in the MENA region, and set the objectives, the services it will allow and the rules of conduct that members must follow. The Sharing Economy platform will create an inclusive and supportive space composed of civil society organizations from the MENA region that will promote the exchange of services and knowledge among them, strengthening their capacities and encouraging dynamic fundraising that enables civic activism across MENA.”


    “The MENA Hub Sharing Economy platform addresss the main challenges that CSOs face in the MENA region: – Lack of solidarity among civil society organizations:
    – Lack of voluntary work
    – Lack of preparation courses for civil society leaders
    – Lack of financial resources “


    Development of MENA Tabadol, the MENA Hub Sharing Economy Platform – Mapping of Sharing Economy Platforms in the MENA

    Why is this Innovative?

    Offering a space for Civil Society Organizations to exchange pro bono resources and reduce the need to outsource for skills and expertise. This innovation draws from the Sharing Economy experience of the LAC Hub in creating CommuniDAS and reimagines it for the MENA hub.

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