TechBootCamp Almaty


    This two-day, interactive workshop brought civil society activists together with local and international technology experts to: strengthen the capacity of civil society to innovatively formulate technology-centric projects; sensitize the activists to the implications of planning projects around technology; and, introduce a range of technology tools that could be used to increase the impact of civil society’s work.


    Civil society is a critical sector in solving global challenges, and technology can be a powerful tool in that quest. Technology can also help CSOs engage donors, hear the voices of their rights-holders and constituents, and build closer links with their communities.
    Civil society plays a fundamental role in making decisions about how technology should be used, and therefore must meaningfully participate with other stakeholders in the governance of these technologies. Therefore it is critical for CSOs to understand the technology tools available and how to use them.

    Why is this Innovative?

    CSOs in Central Asia experienced a unique learning environment where they worked directly with experts to created tech products to address social issues in Central Asia. After the workshop, four of the created project ideas were awarded grants.

    Year Completed
    Jamila Asanova
    Civil Society Development Association "ARGO"
    Region:Central Asia

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