Join the Next MobLab Live: “Trends Impacting Campaigners in 2018”

Join the Next MobLab Live: “Trends Impacting Campaigners in 2018”

Join the next MobLab Live on 20 March 2018 at 11 am Eastern/4 pm GMT/9:30 pm IST for a discussion on “Trends Impacting Campaigners in 2018”. Click here to register for the webinar and receive information on how to join.


How Change Making is Changing: Top campaign trends to prepare for in 2018

Campaigners around the world face more risks than ever while the pace of change in communications, tech and power keeps speeding up. How do global campaigners see their work changing in 2018?

Join a conversation about key trends impacting campaigning. Learn about creative and effective examples and share your ideas on how we keep campaigning fresh (and win bigger) in 2018 and beyond.

Join us on 20 March for MobLab Live. We’ll be joined by special guests Thaís Marques (Power Labs), Tamseel Hussain (People Like Us Create), Charlotte Goodman (Arizona Capital Representation Project and TinderBot co-creator), and Feryel Charfeddine (Article 19).


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