Help us Build a Tool for Civil Society

Technologists, we need your expertise!

Your technology expertise can help civil society to learn about technologies that will help them achieve their goals. Here’s how:

SafariTec is a prototype project developed by Wingu with the support of Innovation for Change. Our goal is to help civil society organizations find resources that will help them address technological challenges.


Please help us to expand the users of this service sharing English-language tutorial links according to the prompts provided.  YouTube videos, pdfs, Codecademy courses – everything is welcome.

If you don’t know the answer to a question, please skip it. If you wish to finish, skip to the end and click “validate”.

What happens with the data?

The info will eventually end up published in a few places.


Day 1: Thanks to Hannah, Vicky, John and Patricia for submitting 31 responses! The community has largely focused on CRMs and Web development.