I4C favorites: Social Media Analytics

Social media analytics and their correct use can help inform any organization’s marketing, communications, or campaigning strategies. You can use social media analytics to inform the kinds of things you post on social media platforms by taking an in depth look at what your audiences respond to, how they respond, when they respond, and why.

The following social media tools are some of our favorites here at the Innovation for Change Helper Hub. We like these tools because they range from low cost and easy-to-use from more complex requiring a larger budget and more social media experience. This array of tools also performs a variety of functions and generally include:

  • Social media scheduling – the ability to post in advance across a number of different social media platforms
  • Social media monitoring – the option to view how much exposure you’re getting across your different platforms
  • Social media analytics – the capability to analyze who your audience is, what motivates them, what’s working and not working, and much more

Low budget, low time, limited social media experience

  • Facebook Insights
    • Great for: seeing what posts work and which don’t, viewing your exposure, social media scheduling (Facebook page scheduling function)
    • Not great for: In depth analytics, audience analytics, gauging sentiment, determining ‘why’
    • Multilingual function: 101 languages
  • Twitter Analytics
    • Great for: seeing which posts work and which don’t, viewing your exposure
    • Not great for: In depth analytics, audience analytics, gauging sentiment, determining ‘why’
    • Multilingual function: 61 languages
  • Tweetdeck
    • Great for: monitoring hashtags and mentions (particularly around events), scheduling Tweets
    • Not great for: Social media analytics,
    • Multilingual function: 6 languages (Japanese, Dutch, Indonesian, Portuguese, US English, UK English)

Some budget, some time, some social media experience

  • Hootsuite
    • Great for: scheduling posts across multiple platforms, aggregating analytics from multiple accounts in one place,
    • Not great for: in depth analytics in the free version
    • Multilingual function: 17 languages (Arabic, Chinese Simplified, Chinese Traditional, Dutch, English, French, German, Indonesian, Italian, Japanese, Korean, Polish, Portuguese, Russian, Spanish, Thai and Turkish)
  • Mentionmapp
    • Great for: social media mentions monitoring, conversation monitoring, visualizing your analytics and generating graphics, retweeting and liking posts
    • Not great for: scheduling in advance, in depth analytics in the free version
    • Multilingual function: NA (English only)
  • Social Bakers (Weibo)

Large budget, extensive social media experience

  • Crimson Hexagon
    • Great for: social media analytics including in depth audience and sentiment analysis, monitoring, and scheduling
    • Not great for: your budget
    • Multilingual function: Automated analysis across 12 languages (a quick assessment of whether sentiment is positive, negative or neutral for immediate needs); In-depth opinion analysis across any language or dialect (using computer learning; i.e. patented technology to derive meaning from social media media conversation through machine learning and statistical pattern recognition)

These are our favorite tools, but as technology is constantly changing so are we. We strive in every way to adapt to meet the needs of our community. So which tools are we missing? Which social media platforms and their corresponding analytics are most common or helpful in your region? Please share them with us in the comments!