LibraryBox – Tool for Secure Local File Sharing


LibraryBox is an Open Source File Sharing tool that allows people to share pictures, video, audio and text locally through the use of a wireless router. The tool comes in two versions – an open source software package that can be installed on certain routers (the TP-Link MR3040 is recommended) or users can purchase a pre-made Librarybox for $165 from the tool’s website.


LibraryBox Runs on a Small Router (in this case, a TP-Link MR3040)

What Makes This Tool Different from Others in its Class?

LibraryBox, and like the sister tool PirateBox, runs locally on a mobile router. When running, the service is not connected to the Internet and users are interfacing only with the website and files stored on the router. This can be useful in low-connectivity environments when access to the Internet is slow or expensive. The service also provides a measure of security for sharing files because it is more difficult to monitor. The tool requires some technical understanding in order to use, especially for those building the application from the open source files (use of a Linux terminal is required for some stages in the install process.)

LibraryBox OS

Links to Tutorial Content

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