Ketto is a Crowdfunding platform for personal needs, charitable causes, and creative ideas. The platform can support fundraising for organizations around the world, but the focus of Ketto is on projects in India. Different Rates for different types of Organizations.<br /> Outside India, contributors pay with credit or debit card.

Ketto charges all its NGOs a fee. i.e. there is only a charge levied for the funds raised on Ketto. No upfront fee for any of the value-added services provided. Ketto levies a fee of 6% and a 3% transaction fee is levied for all online INR transactions by our partner payment gateways. Over and above this 9%, there is an additional mandatory government levied GST of 18% on the 9%, making it a total of 10.62%. In the case of foreign funds, the total fee is 9% and there is a wire transfer fee of USD 25 per transfer to the beneficiary’s bank account. Ketto was identified as a potential platform for network use by the South Asia Hub.