MENA WHRDs Online CoP Meeting

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To extract the needs of the CoP members in regards to online GBV & harassments (Digital Security) in order to be able to tackle them in the upcoming workshop during the WHRDs Forum.

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Narrative summary

This CoP meeting was dedicated to dig deeper into the 4th thematic area. The Forum will tackle 4 main thematic areas: (1) celebrate to maintain, (2) protection and wellbeing, (3) innovative advocacy and cooperation, (4) online GBV and harassment/Digital Security. The format and the needs for each area are being crafted with a group of prominent WHRDs and women rights activists in the form of a community of practice (CoP). The CoP convenes every couple of weeks in an online meeting for 90-120 minutes to dig deeper into one of these thematic areas and identify the needs so we can meet them. These CoP discussions are facilitated by experts/trainers on the set themes in order to extract the needs and tailor the corresponding session in the Forum accordingly.