The Disruptors Podcast Launch

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Narrative summary

We are delighted to share with you the exciting news about the upcoming launch of "The Disruptors!" podcast, a joint initiative of Innovation for Change Middle East and North Africa and SimSim-Participation Citoyenne. The Disruptors are simply individuals who challenge and disrupt the status quo! Our podcast seeks to highlight their tireless and constant efforts and those of their organizations in defending civic space in the MENA region and in confronting the negative narratives that are often spread about civil society and activists. “The Disruptors” podcast aims to shed light on the ideas, experiences, and stories of change-makers and innovators in the MENA region, and their contribution to the resilient civic space in the region. In addition to civil society activists, the podcast series will feature the stories of social and political change-makers, media practitioners, and human rights defenders in the MENA region. The podcast will serve as a platform to amplify the ideas of these change-makers and innovators, and a bridge to bring their stories closer to the general public. The first season of "The Disruptors!" podcast, hosted by renowned journalist Fatima Ifriqui, includes four episodes, followed by six other episodes in the upcoming months/second season, hosted by journalist Sanaa El Aji. Each episode will feature a prominent guest from the MENA region.