Policy Advocacy Subgrant Launch

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Policy Advocacy Design Mentorship phase


During the final Zoom session of the Policy Advocacy Design Mentorship Phase organized on March 2, 2023, each team had 15 minutes to present their advocacy plans to the jury committee. The presentations were engaging and demonstrated the hard work and dedication they put into the development of the proposals. Following the presentations, the jury committee provided insightful feedback and recommendations for each team, highlighting areas of strength and areas that could be improved. The committee noted the creativity and innovation displayed in the proposals, with a strong focus on addressing the needs of marginalized groups and utilizing new tools and methods to promote advocacy. They also emphasized the importance of clear and realistic objectives within the given budget and timeline. After careful deliberation, and based on the results of the evaluation grid, the jury committee selected two subgrantees based on the quality and feasibility of their proposals, their demonstrated commitment to the project, and the potential impact of their campaigns. The two selected winners are the group advocating for the cancellation of article 222 of the penal code as they presented a well researched and compelling case for the elimination of this law, which violates individual liberties and restricts religious freedom. Their proposal outlined clear objectives and activities that aligned with the project's focus on advocating for the protection and widening of civic space in the MENA region. The second group advocating for the amendment of the Family Code in Morocco presented a detailed and comprehensive plan for the amendment of articles that give an advantage to the father over the mother in terms of children’s legal guardianship. Their campaign aimed to promote gender equality and support the rights of women and children in Morocco. Their proposal included a realistic work plan and budget, and they demonstrated a clear understanding of the challenges and opportunities associated with their advocacy efforts. Both of the chosen groups demonstrated excellent performance throughout the mentorship phase, meeting all deadlines and actively engaging with the training and guidance provided by the mentor and the teams of SimSim and the I4C MENA Hub.

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