The ISC Toolkit on Digital Safety

The Information Safety & Capacity Project (ISC) provides advanced, sustained information security and capacity building assistance to civil society organizations, human rights activists, and independent media in countries where free expression, journalistic reporting, online communications, and advocacy are critical to societal liberalization and development but potentially risky to personal safety. The ISC Project provides mentoring and support services to assist stakeholders in securing their online and mobile communications, so that these platforms can be safely employed in support of civil society development and the protection of human rights. This may include assistance with attacks or forced closure of websites, the monitoring of email traffic and content, computer infection by malware and viruses, and recording of SMS/text messaging and mobile telephone conversations.

The ISC Project Toolkit is a set of Internet concepts, best practices, tools, and guidelines compiled in a single place. The toolkit serves as a resource for users who are looking to understand the basics of how the digital world works, and protect their privacy and data integrity online.