Guidebook on Alternative Funding Models for Civil Society Organizations in Africa

About The Guidebook

This guidebook is an outcome from a Shared Learning Convening on Alternative Funding Models for Civil Society organised by the West Africa Civil Society Institute (WACSI) and Innovation for Change (I4C) – Africa. The convening attracted 25 civil society actors and organizations from Africa, Latin America and Europe to share strategies, models, experiences and lessons learnt from
the implementation of non-traditional approaches to generate financial resources convening with the aim to raise awareness, broaden the understanding of financial sustainability, promulgate best practices for the civil society sector and improve the practice of sustainability of CSOs.

This guidebook will help CSOs to explore the existing models that are being used, understand them, and know how to implement a given model that aligns with the mandate of their organization. This resource highlights the conducive factors that CSOs need to cultivate their financial sustainability and to advance their development objectives.


The West Africa Civil Society Institute (WACSI) was created to reinforce the institutional and operational capacities of civil society in the region. WACSI also serves as a resource center for training, learning, documentation, experience sharing, and policy dialogue for CSOs in West Africa.

About Innovation For Change – Africa

Innovation for Change – Africa is a vital physical and online space for regional ideas and social innovations, powered by its dynamic, growing community of civic space advocates from Civil Society Organisations, technologists, and cross-sectoral partners. The Hub is working to strengthen the capacity of civil society and through home-grown African solutions as well as being part of a global network that offers network members access to the latest thinking, resources, and collaborations.


The West Africa Civil Society Institute (WACSI) and Innovation for Change (I4C) – Africa express their sincere gratitude to all the organisations contacted in the course of producing this guidebook.

WACSI and Innovation for Change (I4C) – Africa are also pleased to acknowledge team members who coordinated and provided technical inputs in this process including Ms. Njambi Wagacha, Ms. Mouna Ben Garga, Charles Kojo Vandyck, Christian Elongue, Jimm Chick Fomunjong, Gervin Chanase, Ms. Chioma Mbuagbaw, Ms. Nadege Mondjile Amoussou, Ms. Marguerite Ifono, Leandre Banon and Ms. Metolo Foyet.

This guidebook was designed by: Chamrid Kpadonou, WACSI