IRR 2022

Brave Spaces for Collective Action

Innovation for Change’s Inter-Regional Retreat
October 3rd – 7th, 2022 in Quito, Ecuador

Why IRR 2022?

  • Hosts brave and safe spaces for activism and social change, led and driven by the Global South.
  • Inspires action among participants from a multitude of sectors (activists, human rights defenders, policymakers, journalists, social entrepreneurs, researchers, technologists and artists).
  • Expresses and builds on lived experiences from 7 regions across the globe.
  • Contributes to building courage and perspective over a shared agenda for people’s future around the globe.

What to expect this year?

Under the theme Brave Space for Collective Action, #IRR2022 will bring 100 participants to address The Power of collective action, the Inter-regional model to combat civic space restrictions, facing authoritarianism, the role of digital space, and Technology in supporting democracy.
Internal skills and capacities for resilience will also play a major focus in the IRR this year – sharing lessons and experiences from and post the COVID-19 crisis and the role civil society played in addressing the effects of the pandemic.


Interactive connection spaces and forums that offer vibrant and inspiring conversations.


Experiential learning spaces dedicated to sharing lessons and skills for the future.


30 mins - 1 hour sessions dedicated to wellbeing and healing.


Joint activity with an Indigenous Ecuadorian community to co-imagine future solidarity and collective action that bridges the divide between local and global activists.

Past Inter-regional Retreats

Here’s a recap of our Inter-regional Retreats thus far.

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Did you know?

IRR 2022 is part of our Impact Journey: a hybrid journey of gatherings, workshops, and a physical global conference where members, partners, and the broader community engage in social and civic innovation to fuel social change. Check out some of the highlights of our journey so far.    
Final report Impact Journey by Luisa