Please join us in welcoming Joontae Kim or Philip, Innovation for Change – East Asia’s new Programme Assistant. Philip joined the East Asia Hub on February 1 and he is based in Seoul, South Korea. Philip has been working as an LGBTI human rights activist in Korea doing UN […]

The work of Innovation for Change – East Asia Hub is focused on collectively implementing ideas and projects through innovative means and ways, towards improving the lives of citizens and people, strengthening citizen’s engagement and accountable governance, by defending, expanding, and creating civic space in Asia. I4C-East Asia’s hub, formally […]

From rising repression on the streets to the battle for the internet, in 2018 the spaces where citizens seek to freely express themselves and organise are increasingly contested. What was a trend has become a global emergency and “‘a universal phenomenon, no longer restricted to autocracies and fragile democracies,” writes […]

  Please join us in welcoming Barrisar ‘Sha’ Busimunkunkul. Sha is the Innovation for Change – East Asia Hub’s Finance Officer based in Bangkok, Thailand. Sha joined the Hub on 1 January 2018. Know more about Sha in this FORUM-ASIA feature: ‘Working in the Field of Human Rights Requires Passion’ – […]

From threatening journalists to arresting prostestors, the Civicus Monitor shows how countries are keeping their citizens from full freedom of expression. “We believe we are seeing a global emergency on civic space,” Civicus’s General Secretary Danny Sriskandarajah writes in an email to Fast Company. “Many governments seem to be fearing an […]