A Guardian Exclusive: 197 people killed last year for defending land, wildlife or natural resources, new Global Witness data reveals. In recording every defender’s death, the Guardian hopes to raise awareness of the deadly struggle on the environmental frontline… Read the full article here. Some key points below: Almost the same […]

Please provide your input and feedback on the following platform, https://openinternet.global/ An open internet – where all citizens can freely express themselves, share and debate ideas, and conduct commerce – is an essential part of a modern, vibrant democracy. Ensuring that the internet remains both open and accessible is necessary […]

The only international index dedicated to resource governance This index measures the quality of resource governance in 81 countries that together produce 82 percent of the world’s oil, 78 percent of its gas and a significant proportion of minerals, including 72 percent of all copper. It is the product of […]

Each week, at least four men and women vanish without trace or are found dead, cut down in a hail of gunfire. In Cambodia, a single mother is separated from her two children, arrested and locked up in prison. On the dry savannahs of Brazil’s Mato Grosso do Sul, farmers […]

Visualizing Palestine creates data-driven tools to advance a factual, rights-based narrative of the Palestinian-Israeli issue. Our researchers, designers, technologists, and communications specialists work in partnership with civil society actors to amplify their impact and promote justice and equality. Launched in 2012, VP is the first portfolio of Visualizing Impact (VI) […]