WeVideo is a web based Video Editing tool that enables the user to edit and publish videos online.

WeVideo follows a Freemium model of software – there is a free version that produces low-resolution, watermarked videos and provides very basic video resources (like transitions and sound). Users who are willing to pay a monthly or yearly subscription will unlock higher resolutions, the ability to publish directly online, and more stock music and transitions.

WeVideo offers two editing modes: Advanced, and Storyboard (or Beginner). The latter is designed for beginner video editors. Users may upload audio, image, and video assets to be mixed and matched on a timeline.


WeVideo is a cloud-based tool, which works well for users working with lower-end hardware, computers with limited storage space, or Chromebooks that can run traditional software. The software works well and provides more editing options than a basic editor. However, the subscription-based tool may put it out of reach for users who are on a budget. Users who need a powerful free tool may look at freemium alternatives like <a href=”/tool/lightworks”>Lightworks</a>¬†or <a href=”/tool/kdenlive”>Kdenlive,</a>¬†which are cheaper, but desktop-based and more complex to use.