The MENA Hub’s Digital Currencies research

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Narrative summary

In June 2021, the MENA Hub developed and published a mapping research on digital currencies, blockchain, and the civic sector in the MENA region in conflict zones including Syria, Yemen, and Libya. The third phase of the research mapped out the different literature and media resources available to study the identified variables of financial technology, specifically digital currencies and blockchain technology, and its potential for civil society development in the three countries under focus: Syria, Libya, & Yemen. The research mapping drew an accurate environment view of the impact of cultural, macro, and socio-economic factors on the usage of digital currencies (specifically digital payments and blockchain technology) for the benefit of civil society and identified the differences in the impact of these factors in the studied countries. In addition to the developed recommendations to support the use of digital currencies in Syria, Libya, and Yemen, a functional concept for a solution that can contribute to overcoming barriers to funding for CSOs in conflict zones was developed. A webinar featuring the results of the research and its main findings was organized on Wednesday in June 2021.