Digital Money Focus Group


Having a multi-stakeholder discussion on a new topic such as digital money- at a time when governments in the region are considering restricting the uses of digital currencies- highlights the critical role that the Hub plays in highlighting innovative approaches to closing space issues and is considered a win by the MENA Hub in terms of its timeliness and its cross-sector approach.


SimSim Participation Citoyenne is investigating new means of financing of CSOs. Following discussions with international donors and a series of studies conducted by SMEX, SimSim Participation Citoyenne is exploring the
potential of digital currencies as a way to solve the fundraising challenges faced by Civil Society, including difficulties in meeting the funding criteria and the requirements of international donors;

The inability of certain CSOs to receive funds from abroad; and difficulty or inability to transfer money between different countries in the region in order to implement joint projects with other organizations. This activity is the first among a series of five focus group sessions that will be conducted across the region by different Hub members. The focus groups serve to complement a first research phase into the potential uses of digital money by CSOs and activists.

Why is this innovative

SimSim Participation Citoyenne organized a digital money focus group on June 11, 2018 in Rabat, Morocco for eight participants. The objective of the focus group was to engage different stakeholders, including CSOs, Members of Parliament, blockchain and crowdfunding experts, and researchers to discuss and analyze the legal framework as well as opportunities, challenges, and mechanisms for using digital currencies and crowd-funding in Morocco.