The Embassy of the Kingdom of the Netherlands is delighted to invite organizations to submit applications for the 2018 call for proposal. Local organizations can submit completed applications in English before 1 March 2018.

Young people across the world are invited to participate in the Misk Grand Challenges taking place every six months. These Challenges offer 100 innovators across the world a grant of $100,000 to develop their ingenious ideas into a concrete proof of concept.  Find out more:

With the right planning, tools and post-action strategy, Facebook Live can be much more than a broadcasting platform.

Dozens of real-life campaign examples to help campaigners generate ideas and define strategies for people-powered campaigning.

SDGs CAMPAIGN is an activity which aims at engaging Ivorian youths in the achievement of the SDGs. The activity will focus around a general presentation of the SDGs in a first time. Second, the activity will focus on obtaining recommendations from the participants by splitting them into 17 groups as […]

Please provide your input and feedback on the following platform, An open internet – where all citizens can freely express themselves, share and debate ideas, and conduct commerce – is an essential part of a modern, vibrant democracy. Ensuring that the internet remains both open and accessible is necessary […]