“Online Civic Participation in Latin America: Are citizen priorities aligned with the social change efforts of Civil Society?”


Ongoing-Expected Outcomes: To research the following questions: 1) How do we measure the impact of online citizen-led campaigns in Latin America, specifically, their achievement of the Sustainable Development Goals? 2) What is the best way for traditional NGOs to develop new models of citizen engagement? 3) How do people in Latin America, directly affected by an issue, become social leaders and change public policy? 4) How can we learn from citizen-led campaigns to make SDGs more tangible for the general public? 5) How can civil society organizations align their social programs to citizen concerns with the larger goal of engaging them and working collaboratively towards common goals?


Change.org and RACI would like to combine their experience and knowledge in order to analyze if citizen priorities and concerns are aligned with the work that civil society organizations are doing regarding the Development Agenda Goals. We believe that this information will allow organizations to expand the work they do, engage more with citizens, and better align.

Other tools

Conduct data research that will help determine if the activities – ones related to the SDGs that NGOs – being conducted by NGOs in Argentina, Mexico, and Brazil are aligned with the priorities and concerns that citizens have expressed through online petitions submitted through the Change.org platform.